ProfitsTrade Security 


Trade assets and be sure your funds are in trusted hands due to our advanced security systems.


ProfitsTrade caters to fund protection mechanisms, advanced technologies, state-of-the-art control tools, and instant trading processes relying on proven financial stability.

ProfitsTrade Monitoring Services


We provide a wide range of services concerning company monitoring. At ProfitsTrade, we take FX trading and traders seriously by implementing daily and weekly checks and continuous oversight of trading transactions, to ensure no mischief is in place.

Minimum Capital Reserve


ProfitsTrade undertakes actions to augment the levels of its share capital. Thereby, we ensure out aggregated percentage ratio to clients' assets increases on an annual basis. The capital adequacy we possess allows us to avoid possible financial risks during periods of financial market strains and also to ensure the continuous functioning of the company in the long-term perspective.

Credible Liquidity Provider

ProfitsTrade deals only with high standards of liquidity providers. They are stable, trusted, and have depth across multi-asset instruments. The key feature is to provide fast and reliable executions with high liquidity that drive down the spreads and the cost of trading.  

Enhanced Risk Controls

Risk reduction is a significant aspect of trading, and ProfitsTrade employs the most innovative risk management tools. These cutting-edge technologies allow for effective risk mitigation and keeping losses at a minimum at the time of harsh market conditions.  

Information Security

At ProfitsTrade, standards of security mechanisms are very high quality, with strong levels of encryption and authentication, and ECN. We have minimized the protocols, interfaces, and services against a possible attack on our Forex trading network.

Putting the Customer First

We are a brokerage company that focuses on client satisfaction. Our team works 24 hours, five days a week, to respond to all clients' queries via different communication channels, including telephone, email, and chat. We want to ensure that our clients can communicate with us quickly and directly.

Our Security Cornerstones

Funds Safety Mechanisms


Given the importance of depositing and withdrawing your funds, we aim to achieve the highest security standards. ProfitsTrade uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to protect information during transmission. All data transfers between server machines are transmitted using SSL encryption. All communication between ProfitsTrade clients and data servers is encrypted.


Monitoring and Reporting

We have monitoring and reporting algorithms in place to alert the trading platform of unusual activity and trading patterns. It detects suspicious traffic entering or leaving the platform. We are also looking into integrating trading systems separately from internal networks, thus, minimizing the area which can be exposed to a cyber-attack.

Our Security Tools trading

Secure Account Verification

Assign email and phone number to your account to fully protect it. We will adjust our platform to your needs.

Entry History

One of the great features of our platform is transparency – you can see the login history of your account to detect any unauthorized activity.

IP List

Keep your online account secure using IP restriction. Coupled with other security measures, IP addresses will add other security layers to your account.

Digital signature

ProfitsTrade uses a special signature software, which means that your sensitive information is safe on our servers as well as during the transmission.