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What are Stocks?

Sometimes referred to as shares or equities, stocks are a type of asset that allows the purchaser to own a piece of the company issuing the stock.

As a result, this entitles the owner to a portion of the issuing entities’ assets and earnings. This type of investment commonly performs well over long periods of time and has the added benefit of being more straightforward in nature in relation to other assets. Because of this, these are usually seen as the backbone of most investment portfolios.

Building a strong foundation for your portfolio is our specialty. Speak with one of our account professionals today to get started building your success.

How Are Stocks Traded?

Stocks are traded internationally by people looking to make their profit based on the performance of companies. To start, open an account with us and talk to your account professional to better understand which stocks would allow you the greatest potential for return. Depending on your strategy, investing for long term wealth, or trading for more immediate return, you can maneuver through the market with ease with us.

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